Rebel Boomerangs...Right Back At Ya

See Rebel Boomerangs in action. When thrown properly Rebel Boomerangs will return. Just watch the video below and see them in action.

Step by step, boomerang throwing demonstration by Rebel Boomerangs was created so that those that are interested in boomerangs have a place where they can find boomerangs for sale, buy boomerangs and get lots of great information about boomerangs.  I have a page which gives you detailed instructions on how to throw a boomerang and just below the slide show on this page there is a detailed step by step video demonstration which shows you how to throw a boomerang.  I also have a page dedicated to boomerang throwing tips. On this page you will find some common throwing errors and how to avoid them as well as a boomerang trouble shooting section which gives illustrations of some common throwing errors and how to correct them.  I've also included a page on how to make a boomerang.  This page was designed for anyone interest in making their own boomerang.  While you're here don't forget to check out my page on right/left boomerangs.  Here you will find out information on which hand boomerang is right for you.  Throughout this site you will run across some boomerang terms that you may not be familiar with so I've linked a lot of these terms to my boomerang terms page.  Just click on the word to take you to the definition.  Once you have the boomerang terms down check out my page on boomerang games.  This is where you will find some fun games that you and some friends can play with boomerangs.  And, last but not least did you know that boomerangs are a real sport?  Check out my boomerang links page which has some great links to some other boomerang websites.  It is here where you will find a link to the United States Boomerang Association, USBA.